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sestdiena, 2013. gada 5. janvāris

Happy new year! I wish you to find a moment to enjoy view!

At first - Happy New Year, Dear friends!
This is my first post here in Google+, so as my first post this year. 
2013 Year is year of Snake, so as my year. At really this is first year i didn't make any of determinations - why? Starting to write this post I thought i will now make my first , like 
-travel more;
-practice my English more; 
- lose some weight... and bla bla bla. 
These are promises that everyone make, that i have made every year, but nothing dramatically haven't change. 
So this year I will start differently - I m already enjoying my time maximally, by turning on sting, candle light in the room and looking trough old photos. It's gonna be all about me! Doing things that I like, discovering interests that i find amazing and admiring power of moment and senses.
For example, last three months i was living and studying in UK, off course that i and my friends was traveling a lot, to different castles, like Carephilly castle, Glouchester cathedral, Bristol, etc. and i thought that it is so amazing, and wonderful - indeed it was. but when i returned back to Latvia, to Riga, i started to notice things, views and places i was going by for many years, but never payed attention. One evening just standing in a bus stop and waiting for my bus i saw all the small details in building, different form of windows and those rare elements of architecture, i have never seen before. and at this point I was standing there and wondering about my stupidity. I'm coming from surrounding of Daugavpils, and on question - "what special about your city?" - i like to tell about Stronghold of Daugavpils, that Napoleon just from second time could take it! But how can I? - do i can be proud of a place I have never been to - for almost 20 Years i have been riding past this wonder - but never went in and have a look around on my own. I was standing there in this bus stop and wondering, - Do I really needed to  visit almost all notable places in Wales to notice beauty of my country? 
What can i say, now I have feeling that i have been blind for all my life. Or just now I have felt in love with my home country. 

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